We are Flipper Devices, a team of engineers, designers, artists, researchers, and tech enthusiasts united by our passion for creating art in the field of electronics. Our products have a unique perspective on conventional technology and aim to evoke a strong emotional response.

Our team was formed in Neuron Hackspace in collaboration with industrial design and manufacturing experts Design Heroes.
Flipper Zero
Our first and most beloved child was born entirely in-house. From idea to development, marketing and sales, it was made entirely by our team's efforts. Flipper Zero — a Swiss Army knife for exploring access control systems. It is both appealing to hardware geeks, DIY makers, and as a programming learning platform.

In 2020, we've launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign and raised $4.8M. Today, the active community around Flipper Zero is more than 100,000 people and continues to grow.
We are mechanical engineers who build our product in-house from the ground up. We design, prototype, improve, and launch into mass production mechanical components of our product. This engineering approach gives us complete control over the final product.
Flipper Devices electrical engineers design, test, and launch into full-scale production electronic hardware of our product. Our team of dedicated professionals develops printed circuit boards and chooses the best components to support the supreme user experience on the hardware level.
Embedded software
We design, develop, implement, test, and support embedded software of our product. With this end-to-end approach, we build the firmware with the best-in-class user experience and unmatched reliability.
Mobile and desktop software
Our developers build applications for our product from start to finish. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as desktop applications for MacOS, Windows, and Linux, expand our product’s capabilities and help users to explore new features.
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